Big News: Food For Thought Is A Registered Charity On Amazon Smile


Do you shop on Amazon? 

We thought so…

Well, the next time you do, we’ve got a favor to ask of you….

Can you SMILE?

We’re so excited to announce that you can shop on Amazon and donate to Food For Thought every time you do!

When you use Amazon Smile to shop for things on Amazon, 0.5% of the purchase price (for eligible purchases) goes to the organization of your choice.
That’s what it means to use Amazon Smile.

How can I use Amazon Smile To Donate To Food For Thought By The Sea?

While you can’t use Amazon’s app to shop through Amazon Smile. (We know! We were bummed too!) you can use your phone’s internet browser to shop. 

Great News! You can use your phone to make Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile!

The easiest way to do this is to open up Safari or your phone’s internet browser and head to Smile.Amazon.Com 
Then follow the simple set up steps below to get shopping and donating to Food For Thought.

Even More Great News? 

If you’re on a desktop or laptop computer, you just head to Smile.Amazon.Com from your web browser and, once you follow the setup steps below, you’ll be all set to shop and donate.


Why Use Amazon Smile?

 While we’d love to have everyone donate to Food For Thought (And you can do that here)  using Amazon smile is another simple way to make an impact. 

You can use Amazon smile to make the purchases you’d be making anyway and give to Food For Thought at the same time. It’s really a win for you and the community.

fft logo.png

How can you start giving back today?
These directions work best on a laptop or desktop

1.  In a web browser go to Smile.Amazon.Com and log in as you normally would. Once You’ve logged in to your Amazon account, be sure you’re still on Smile.Amazon.Com.

2.  Go to the top of your screen and hover over where it says “ Hello_ your name___”. When the drop-down menu appears click “Your Account”.

3.  On the new page look for a list of items titled “Other Programs” and click “Change Your Amazon Smile Charity”.

4. From there you can type in “Food For Thought By The Sea Inc” and search for us.

5.  Once you’ve clicked search and find Food For Thought By The Sea Inc you can make us your charity of choice!

That’s It!

When you’re done setting it up just use Smile.Amazon.Com to make your Amazon purchases and SMILE knowing you’re helping us do all of our amazing outreach!

Would You Mind Spreading The Word? It Would Be Awesome!

If you know someone who shops using Amazon already (And we bet you do!) be sure to share this info with them so that we can really get the word out. 

This is such an simple way to give back to your community while you shop and we’re so grateful to everyone who takes the time to set it up and shop for us!

fft truck.png

Thank you so much and have a great week!