Food For Thought: Our Mission In Action

Living Our Mission And Vision

Last week our Board Of Directors met to discuss the recent developments, goals moving forward, and of course our Food Truck. At the core of all that we discussed was the idea of bringing our mission and vision to life.

Today we thought it would be a great chance to share with you a bit about how that mission is already in action and to offer you a way to get involved with furthering the work that we do in the community.

What Our Mission Really Looks Like In Action

Food For Thought By The Sea is driven to create a positive environment that fosters the confidence, knowledge, and optimism of those in our community.

We’ve been a pillar in our community for over 13 years, providing resources to local youth and the at-risk in our community as a whole. We live our mission through  education-based initiatives focused on environmental consciousness and the culinary arts.

chef kids.png

Our programs to train local youth and other community members in hospitality and the culinary arts provide our trainees with hands-on experiences in the industry. They’re not just learning, they’re applying in real circumstances with real goals. We offer experiences for our trainees that highlight responsible produce sourcing, excellent food preparation, and even front-of-house training so that the trainee feels comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable when they pursue career opportunities.


Aside from our culinary and hospitality training, we provide free art and surf lessons through our amazing ongoing partnership with the Boys and Girls Club. We also offer annual holiday dinners at no cost to those in our community who are in need. Through our holiday dinner events we serve over 600 people each Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. (Sometimes that number looks closer to 1,000!)

food truck shot 1.png

And, of course, there’s our food truck. We’ll use our literal Vehicle For Change to team up with local organizations that are doing amazing things in the community. We’ll foster awareness and create funding sources for their causes. We’ll also train and staff the food truck with locals who we train in the culinary and hospitality services we’ve been providing for years. And we’ll do all this as we help other nonprofits raise funds for their most-loved causes as well.

Okay. I’m In! How can I help?

The best way to get involved right now is to donate to our Food Truck.

If you’re as excited about our work as we are, please visit our donation page for the Food Truck and make a donation today. Big or small it will help us to keep our mission rolling along. Literally.

If there are other ways to get involved in the future, we’ll surely write about them here. So stay tuned!

We can’t wait to team up with you to do some great work in our community!