Food for Thoughts mission is to support and nourish its community through the culinary arts.

Food for Thought provides local youth and adolescents with an opportunity to learn about the hospitality and the culinary industry. We achieve this with educational initiatives that support the environment and its local purveyors with affordable meals in our give-back food programs.


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 Marilyn Schlossbach is committed to strengthening her local community. Throughout her culinary career, Schlossbach has been an advocate for environmental issues, culinary arts and grassroots community outreach.

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Food for Thought not only wants to make sure your food tastes good but we also care about it being healthy! We team up with local farms and vendors to assure the quality of food matches our ideals and standards.

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The unemployment rate in Asbury Park is almost twice as high as the national average! Giving the local youth opportunities to work and improve their skills with train them for future career aspirations.